Our hearts are breaking for our beautiful country

The Australian bush-fires have been burning since September 2019 and have claimed lives, homes, millions of animals and over 4.5 million hectares of land.

As the crisis continues, the Australian community needs our help and while the best way is to donate money, there are many other ways you can assist.


Support local businesses helping those in need

@spendwiththem – a great initiative from Tura Pitt and Grace McBride showcases businesses who are donating profits and resources to bush-fire relief.


Spend in the affected communities

Better yet – shop from those who have been directly impacted by the bush-fires, they need our business now more than ever. @buyfromthebush is a beautiful catalogue of clothing, gifts and essentials from rural communities


Lend a helping hand

While the kids are still off school and the summer holidays not quite over yet, time is one resource many of us can donate. Reach out to local shelters, food-banks and organisations to offer a hand on the ground.

Information courtesy of Business Insider Australia