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Ethics & Sustainability

When you have a history as long as ours, you’re devoted to securing an enduring future. That’s why, at Rossi Boots, we care for our people and the planet.

As a 100% Australian owned company, we’re committed to supporting Australian production wherever possible, and continue to strive for quality at an affordable price for our customers.

We ensure the materials we use in our boots are all ethically produced using premium local and internationally sourced materials. And due to our long-standing relationships with our trusted suppliers, we ensure that workers are treated fairly and with respect, and make regular visits to our supplier factories in Australia and internationally.

Plus, we always consider our environmental impact and, where possible, use recycled materials for our printed collateral and in-store signage.

At Rossi Boots, we strive for excellence, authenticity and transparency, and encourage you to provide us with your valuable comments and suggestions as we continue to evolve.

For more information, you can email us or call our Customer Service team toll-free on 1300 727 355 within Australia.

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