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Anti-perforation offers under foot protection by preventing sharp objects from penetrating the sole and into the foot. These boots have been laboratory tested and adhere to safety standards.

Breathable Lining

High grade, moisture wicking lining offers all day comfort in any condition.
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Breathable Side Panels

Custom designed panels promote breathability and air circulation for all day comfort
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Extreme Abrasion Resistance

The extreme abrasion toe cover delivers extra strength and durability for plumbers, flooring experts or trades that are extra tough on their toes.
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Leather Lined

High grade, full grain leather lining for ultimate comfort and durability.
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Light Weight

Flexible and soft under foot, this super lightweight material will keep your feet feeling lighter than air all day long.
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Mud-Shed Sole

Our mud shed tread offers good grip, comfort and durability without the mess when you’ve spent a day in the dirt. Perfect for farming, gardening, landscaping and agriculture.
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Quick-release Side Zip

Combined with lace ups to get the perfect fit, the quick release side zip for hassle-free access.
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Slip Resistant Sole

Certified slip resistance to give you assurance and stability on slippery surfaces. Slip resistant materials combined with slip-resistant tread design.
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Water Resistant

Our water resistant boots have been treated during the leather tanning process to repel water. This extends the life of the leather as well as keeping your foot dry. These leathers have been laboratory tested and adhere to footwear standards of water resistance.

300°C Heat Rated Sole

The nitrile rubber can withstand surface temperatures up to 300-degrees making it ideal for mining, roads, kitchens and factories
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Oil and Acid Resistant

The nitrile rubber sole stands up against oil and acid making them perfect for factories, farms and kitchens
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Safety Toe

Reinforced with a steel toe cap for maximum protection when you need it most. Certified for your toes’ peace of mind.
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