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4002 Mulga Boot - Claret


Product Description

New and improved. 4002 Mulga bushwalking boot is made with ‘stitchdown’ construction, where the upper is sewn onto the midsole. The rubber sole is super flexible and slip resistant. The upper is made from the highest-quality full grain kip leather – it’s supple, robust, and ages well which befits this traditional Rossi Boots hero

Product Features

Sole slip resistant

Certified slip resistance to give you assurance and stability on slippery surfaces. Slip resistant materials combined with slip-resistant tread design.

More Information

Please note, this is a limited run of only 100 units. There will be an additional restock in late December.

All Rossi boots are manufactured under the guidance of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


  • Hike rubber


  • Full grain kip leather


  • True half sizes fitting

Made in Indonesia

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