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4005 Hakea Boot


Product Description

Our Hakea Boot with its hiker rubber sole offers excellent grip and durability on different terrains, while the moulded polyurethane footbed provides comfort and support. You can now confidently explore the great outdoors in both style and comfort.

Product Features

Sole slip resistant

Certified slip resistance to give you assurance and stability on slippery surfaces. Slip resistant materials combined with slip-resistant tread design.

oil and acid resistant

The sole stands up against oil and acid making them perfect for factories, farms and kitchens.

More Information


  • Hiker rubber
  • Non slip
  • Acid & oil resistant


  • Moulded polyurethane
  • Absorbs initial heel strike
  • Retains shape after compression
  • Soft underfoot
  • Anti-bacterial


  • Full grain kip leather

Made in Indonesia

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