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The Original Ripple

Making waves since the 50’s, the Rossi Ripple is an Australian Made icon that has earned its place in our history books.

In 1950, Rossi Boots released a ripple-soled desert boot and achieved almost instant notoriety. "The Ripple" forged an enviable reputation through the 1960s and came to symbolise a rebellious subculture, a reputation which exists to this day. Rock icons cemented its status including the likes of ACDC front man, Bon Scott, who’s statue in Freemantle, WA is still wearing a pair of his go-to ripples.


Designed with comfort and durability at its core, the Ripple also boasts a nitrile rubber sole that's slip, heat and abrasion resistant making it a popular choice for Motorcyclists.

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Rossi Customer Testimonial:

“I tracked these all over the world, they've been in remote West African villages, Dubai's deserts, the Persian Gulf and covered Australia in its entirety eating countless miles piloting my Harley.

I wear them working in my shed, I garden with them, they've been marinated in engine oil and gun powder. Last Friday I wore them to a very high-end restaurant for an anniversary dinner with my wife, the boots have not faltered under even the strictest dress codes.

I don’t want to buy from the rip off's circulating, I’m a loyalist and Rossi Ripples have earned that loyalty for their unrelenting grip, comfort and style.”

- Chris P

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